Training programs


What you get when you order

  • Step by step online training 

    No travel or other expenses. Go through the entire course from your office, home or why not your cellphone wherever you may be located. 

  • Templates, methods and tools

    You will get access to templates and tools that you can use in your organization to be able to implement the improvements you want. Everything will be provided at no additional cost. 

  • Personal coaching by Matts

    As long as you are committing the resources that are required, then Matts will offer you answers and advice until are achieving results. This is provided free of charge during online group meetings. 


No previous experience or skills are required. All you need is an Internet connection. 
You will be provided with all of the tools necessary to complete the course and get results. 


Plan ahead for successful improvement

How you create a solid foundation for a successful improvement initiative with a clear plan. Most projects fail due to a lack of proper preparation.

Map your processes

Before you can begin improving it is vital you understand current processes. Having clarity about the current situation will make improving much easier.

Design an improved business

A training helping you create a much improved future reality for your business - A next level business.

Implementing your improved process

You're not done just because you designed a better workflow, it needs to be implemented into the business. This need to be done with utmost efficiency.

Effective process management

Manage your process in a way that inspires your team to perform. This will lead to higher customer satisfactions and improved financials.

Measurement and follow ups in a process organization

Using these theories and teknical support tools you will take your digitalizing and processes to the next level.

BPMN - The basics

Using a language that people is critical if you want to get your message across. Following a standarized way of designing your processes is self evident.

The foundations of

With these theories and tools you will take your digitalization and processes to the next level.

Certified business improvement specialist

The ultimate training where you learn how to lead and manage improvement projects in any organization. It contains every training and more.

Setting up and managing an improvement project

How to set up and manage an improvement project

This training helps the manager, assign the right people to the task and giving them the tools necessary to succeed.


LEAN for service businesses


LEAN is known for production, but it is even more important in a service organization. Learn more about the 14 management principles and how to use them to your advantage.

How to create a sustainable management system

Quality led management is crucial to success in any value driven endeavour. Here you will learn how to merge several improvement processes to create a whole.

Basics of project modelling and execution

Understanding a project model and how to act in the different managerial positions is crucial to succeed with projects.


Successful project planning

Any successful project begins with an excellent plan. Here you will learn how to create the much demanded high quality project plan.

Conducting efficient meetings

Meetings are a large part of any business. Having the skill to lead an efficient meeting is a skill that leads to enormous savings and increased joy. Here you will learn that skill.

Matts is confident with a tongue-in-cheek, as well as clever and subtle. He has an ability to handle any issue by getting to the root of the problem in a systematic way. He ties up loose ends and creates a strong bond with the group.

Helena Broberg, Improvement Manager

"Matts made me understand how things work by showing how smaller parts are woven together to form a whole, and that one thing does not exclude another.

It is easy to work with Matts and he is very logical in explaining in a reasonable way that is both inspiring and attentive. He has an uncanny ability to engage people, making us think ahead and focus on the big picture.

Through the digital training, I can take my time and work at my own pace. My colleagues and I can go through the training on our own and then gather in groups to discuss the content and lessons learned.


If you haven’t met Matts before, you will soon notice that he is captivating, structured and inclusive in a positive manner. Here you will be captivated in order to participate.


The sense of efficiency and solution-oriented focus is prominent, and you truly wish to take part in the training and the work."

Anita Håkansson, Quality Lead